They say it’s rude to talk about yourself, but you’re on this page for some strange reason, so I will honor that request, albeit briefly!

I believe a life of wonder, warmth and whimsy makes for a happy one. 

And for me, that means creating little pockets of said 3 “W”s.

I have loved film since I was a kid, wrapping my heart around Star Wars, Indiana Jones, those first two Superman flicks (Superman II still has my favorite ending ever!).  As a deeply shy, anxious kid, these were places I felt welcome to wander into, escaping reality (freakin’ realty!).

In my early 20s I went to film school (okay, it was technically “TV/Video Communications”), interned as a script reader, created an online music magazine where I interviewed famous rockers like Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne, Dio and many more. I went into advertising/marketing for my bachelor’s degree and post graduate work. I then acquired a decade of experience in business (where one keenly hones their sense of humor).

As my thirties drew to a close, I began drawing. Drew. Draw. Ah, puns. The lowest form of humor. Probably why my back is always killing me. I also rekindled a love for writing and have journeyed with vigor, along with some of the most creative people I know, to add a little of that wonder, warmth and whimsy the world could use more of each day. I have created an online comic strip, The Happy Middle, a comic book series – The Mighty Riff™, collaborate with other comic book artists, and am currently writing short stories and novellas.

I have a lovely, deeply intelligent wife who is my best friend and a half lab-half daschund who rules our home like the kid from the Twilight Zone Movie.