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My  Snarky, Twisted Cartoon! Updated Constantly!

Proud member, online sprint coordinator and blogger.

My own comic book series in the works!
(Doing both art and writing!)

My independent publishing brand.

Story consultant/editing for Derek Lipscomb’s incredible comic book series The Maroon! (Owl Eye Comics™)

Have done some special issue writing and editing with these talented folks!
Check out their excellent, hilarious Poverty Pack super hero universe!

Blog / Updates

The Maroon Comic Now On Facebook

Derek Lipscomb’s thrilling, mature readers only comic is launching with a fervor. He has added a Facebook page. Please like/follow as he is producing great work. I have been a story consultant and editor on this and I can tell you it is unwinding as a truly engaging piece of sequential art.

Follow here:

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The Happy Middle Web Comic is thriving on Facebook! Added More Social Media!

The Happy Middle Web Comic is doing bonkers on Facebook. Almost 1300 followers in a few months.  If you haven’t yet, follow us here: https://www.facebook.com/thehappymiddle/

We are more recently on Instagram, Twitter and as of today, Pinterest!


And of course, our website: http://www.thehappymiddle.com

Please follow wherever you can and share! THANK YOU!

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Story Consultant/Editing for Owl Eye Comics -The Maroon Series!

My great friend and extraordinarily talented comic book illustrator and author Derek Lipscomb has allowed me (and my dear wife) a wee bit of input on his stellar new series “The Maroon.” It is a mature work set in the mid 1850s about a runaway seminole/black slave who may or may not have committed a heinous crime. It is quite literary in style and I highly encourage you give it a genuine look.

You can learn more here: www.themarooncomic.com

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Out now! FOR ONLY 99 CENTS!
This heartwarming, whimsical short story shows how family can be even more powerful than super-sized, transforming robots.

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