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Issue 3 NOW AVAILABLE Digitally!

In the final chapter of this story arc, The Mighty Riff battles a mutated Drooping Molly in the hairiest of hairy battles as The Great Suckening closes in with a vengeance!

Now available digitally here: https://www.comixcentral.com/vendors/the-mighty-riff/

and here: https://www.drawmeincomics.com/shop/wbcoles

Note: All 3 issues tell a complete story!


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ReviewFix Gives “The Mighty Riff” A RAWKIN’ Positive Review!

Donna-Lyn Washington at ReviewFix.com has reviewed The Mighty Riff!

Here’s a snippet: ‘The Mighty Riff’ written and illustrated by Brian Coles may visually remind you of ‘Phineas and Ferb.’ With a mixture of the absurd and hope, Riff and his crew just may save this universe. And as independent comics go this one is of high quality digitally. It also has a quick, cohesive pace which you’ll appreciate as a reader. You’re going to look forward to the second issue. Will Riff save this rock-music dimension one villainous underling at a time? It’ll be fun to find out, especially if there are more […]

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This heartwarming, whimsical short story shows how family can be even more powerful than super-sized, transforming robots.

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