Tech guru Braxley Wade Stryder is about to hit “send”, sealing the deal of the century, when his smart phone reception inexplicably drops.

Whilst frantically racing toward a cell-tower, he finds himself in the middle of the Metaphorest, in which the line between illusion and reality is quickly blurred.

A whimsical, heartfelt yet quaintly violent adventure ensures as he becomes one with a talking tree, and is forced reevaluate his priorities, making decisions that will impact everything he’s come to cherish – career, family and his totally dope hair.

A light, heavy-handed read for the technology addicted. And those who love them.



Logged Out is novelette available for  (KINDLE) at Amazon right here.

Paperback will be announced soon!

Published by Collidescope Media.

Cover Art by Cindy Besio.