The Happy Middle

I created this web comic strip with my lovely Rose to poke fun at life, be absurd and enjoy putting a few more smiles out there. It’s snarky, a little twisted but on occasion, when you least expect, a pinch of heart sneaks in (usually wearing bunny slippers). You can view it here.

My role(s): Artist, writer.
Co-Writer: Rose Coles


He never made it on Earth. But a magical wish makes him the brightest star in a universe on the verge of  “The Great Suckening!” We’re totally screwed. Visit the the website here.

My role(s): Artist, writer.

Accomplished comic book artist Derek Lipscomb is now authoring his own series about a black seminole slave on the run for a heinous act he may or may not have committed. This adult American history remix has a splendid alchemy of adventure, drama and mysticism.

The series won Comic Book Thriller of The Year (2018) and Indie Spirit Award (2018) from

Learn more about it here.

Author/Illustrator: Derek Lipscomb
My role(s): Story consultant, editor, supplementary writing
Story Consultant/Supplementary Writing: Rosemary Coles

Afro Stache Studios has been kind enough to let me lend a bit of writing to their universe. This annual issue has two stories. One by yours truly and one by Derek Lipscomb, who did the internal art for the entire issue.

Learn more about it here.

Writer/Illustrator: Derek Lipscomb
Covert Artist: Dave Lipscomb

My role(s): Writer 

This online only Valentine’s Day special, a ribald short story featuring a handful of Poverty Pack members,  is available at the Afro Stache Studios website.

Learn more about it here.

Illustrator: Derek Lipscomb
My role(s): Writer 


The last day of summer 1989. Brothers Laith and Wesley, once bound by an unwavering love for the mighty cartoon robot “Bandalor,” have been slowly torn apart in the months since their father’s passing. Laith counts the minutes till middle school begins, where he’ll finally leave behind peer pity and ridicule with a “radically honed” new identity, while his awkward little brother Wesley is destined to be left defenseless against the elementary school bullies.
This heartwarming, whimsical short story shows how family can be even more powerful than super-sized, transforming robots.

Buy it on AMAZON here.

My role(s): Writer
Editor: Alondra Mendoza
Covert Artist: Derek Lipscomb