Had a blast at the Long Beach Comic Con this weekend. I observed a fantastic panel of independent comic book artists who mostly self-published, and from the samples I saw, it is amazing work.

But the big take away from the panel was the less obvious wisdom of “just do it.”  You can walk Artist Alley and see some great art and a lot that one panelist said, tactfully, was more or less achievable by less talented people. We’re talking comic books in this case. The point being made was even if it wasn’t the BEST art or writing ever, it was being done. The person who finished a work and plunked themselves down at a booth for the world to see had more going for them than the “should haves” and “could haves.”

This February I WILL have a booth at the Long Beach Comic Expo. And I will have work to share with the world. I hope to see you there!